We use the latest in engineering tools, a common sense approach and years of experience to make your next project a success.  Our design and computer aided engineering tools allow us to optimize design features before any machining or fabrication ensuring it meets or exceeds the requirements.

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Utilizing Solidworks design and analysis software along with a suite of other software tools, we can design parts, assemblies, and systems that work to the your specifications. Years of experience designing systems and parts result in a great end product no matter what your project.
Innovative solutions is well versed in the process of product development and the design cycle. From prototype to production version, we use all of our design tools, expertise in manufacturing, and relationships with service providers to develop products and launch into production.
No more parts? Can’t get it anymore? No worries, we can analyze your part or machine, measure or scan it, recreate it in 3d and provide documentation or make you a new one.
M-a-t-h, it holds all sorts of answers, let us show you what we can do. Whether it’s a concern of a load, a particular part, or a system design we can provide information useful to the project.
Our clients often come to us with assemblies or products that have been built for years without any documentation. We can provide full engineering packages that allow for great reference and easy updating
Need real world answers to questions you have about your product, part or assembly? Let innovative solutions design an experiment to test it. We’ll build the hardware, execute the test, and generate a report of the results.